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By Robert Schimmel
Director of Product Management
Posted: 02/27/2017
Robert Schimmel is the Director of Product Management at Cendyn. We sat down with this coder turned executive to see how he innovates daily with his team.  
By Dan Fernandez
Sr. Director of Digital Strategy + New Business
Posted: 02/20/2017
When peak season hits, the pressure heats up for hotels to fill rooms to capacity. More than any other time of the year, guests are actively searching for properties, so how can a hotel maximize this golden opportunity? For marketers, the key to winning seasonal business is a digital strategy centered around location, context and relationships.
By Casey Munck
Marketing Manager
Posted: 02/17/2017
Cendyn is ramping up for the BIG ITB conference in Berlin – will you be there? If so, we’d love to meet with you and talk about your technology needs and business goals. This epic industry event spans just four short days and spreads across multiple halls, so every minute counts. As such, we’d like to offer up 5 great reasons why you should take the time to meet with Cendyn in Hall 6.1 Booth 108. 
By Allison Goldstein
Content Marketing
Posted: 01/20/2017
David Dvorak, SVP of Brand and Enterprise Sales at Cendyn, sat down with us after PCMA Convening Leaders in Austin to discuss ins and outs of MetronXpress, a Cendyn solution he spoke about at the Mashup Studio during the conference. 
By Charles Deyo
President & CEO
Posted: 01/11/2017
Today Cendyn announces the launch of a new brand, look and feel and packaging of our solutions and product suite. We sat down with our President & CEO Charles Deyo to talk about the changes at Cendyn and his outlook for the year ahead. 
When it comes to successful email designs in 2016, there’s been one consistent trend: Go Bold. Whether it is a pre-stay, on-property or post-stay campaign, we found that emails with edgy designs, unexpected color palettes, and playful headlines received the  highest open and click-through rates. We picked a few of our favorite and most successful client emails. Each one offers specific insights on how to engage your audience through a dynamic combination of design, functionality, and content. 
eProposal packs a powerful punch, empowering you to respond to RFPs with personalized, on-brand and media-rich proposals in seconds. Its comprehensive dashboard means editing content, managing your assets, and tracking your proposal's lifecycle has never been easier. Today, we’ll share 5 awesome things about eProposal that will help you stand out from the competition and ultimately, secure more group business.
By Tim Sullivan
Chief Sales + Marketing Officer
Posted: 12/12/2016
Data has shifted the foundation of the hotel industry. Managers can now segment guest profiles to infinite degrees, creating a comprehensive picture of who’s staying at their properties and engaging with their brand. The question isn’t just how to make that data work – it’s how to make that data work automatically. And we can now achieve this with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.
Event Management technology has enabled companies to better manage complex enterprise-wide meeting related processes, spend, volumes and policies while collecting a vast amount of valuable attendee and event data. One of the most profound benefits of this technology is that it has nearly rendered spreadsheets and conference binders obsolete. However, we often forget that it can be used to improve the attendee experience as well. It seems that SMM technology that can quantify the Return On Events (ROE) and attendee engagement is now playing an important role in bringing back the relevancy of in-person meetings.  
When compared to five years ago, hotels have seen a 300% increase in RFP leads from meeting planners. As a hotel, how do you handle the onslaught on these incoming requests?  Do you hire an army of sales managers or do you miss out on the opportunity to increase yield and RevPAR? Ideally, you won’t have to deal with either of those scenarios. The advance of electronic RFP technology has finally given hotels the ability to streamline, automate, curate RFP responses, giving each request the attention and personalization it requires to secure that business.
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