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By Nicki Graham
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
Posted: 08/24/2017
Every hotel marketer knows that targeting guests and driving interest in your hotel and your brand can be tricky. It’s a crowded market place, and you’re not just competing with hotels in your proximity, you’re also competing for that direct booking as well. It’s a lot to take on, and a lot to master. But these few smart tips to get you going with an effective digital marketing strategy will help boost your confidence in the marketplace and help you target your future guests in the right way.
By Roque Rodon
Director of Ad Operations & Analytics
Posted: 06/12/2017
Tagging trends and the applications themselves change very often, so it’s important to stay up to date on what is going on with booking engines. 
Gone are the days that you have to print brochures to market your property's offerings and special events. With Cendyn/EVENTS eBrochure, you are able to create a digital brochure for each and every customer and event, always offering the most relevant information highlighting your property's unique characteristics in a dynamic and impactful way. What's better is that eBrochure is accessible by any mobile device!