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By Christophe Tayon
Director of Demand Generation
Posted: 07/28/2016
Hoteliers understand the benefits of one-to-one marketing and the theory behind it, which advocates for personalizing guest communications as well as curating the guest experience throughout every stage of the guest journey. They also see the big picture of how guest satisfaction directly leads to loyalty and profitable revenue growth as a guest will return to the property more frequently when engaged with activities and amenities. However, when it comes to implementing one-to-one marketing, many hoteliers are not sure where to start or how to create personalized communications. While there is no denying that the process can be intimidating at first, it is simpler...
You never get a second chance to make a first impression! That phrase may be wildly overused but frankly, it’s very true. Think about a person’s handshake or phone demeanor. Do they sound like they’re smiling through the phone? Do they make good eye contact? Do they respond to your questions promptly with well thought out responses? If you answered ‘yes’ to each of these, you’ll agree that they convey a strong personal image and instill a sense of confidence.   1.      Event Planners Expect Immediate Response to their Inquiries    I once had a discussion with one of the hotel sales manag...