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Over the past three years the digital marketing landscape has changed more rapidly and profoundly than it had in the prior decade. The market has become extremely fragmented and complex and consumers are interacting with your brand in new ways that are disrupting old models of e-commerce: think social media and mobile platforms. In a complex and fragmented market your digital marketing strategy hinges on knowing the answer to the following questions:

  1. What channels are influencing consumer behavior and what channels are capturing purchase intent and driving revenue?
  2. Are you reaching your target audience in the right place, at the right time, with the right message?
  3. Are you able to measure success (ROI) across ALL digital channels?

Cendyn 360° Advertising® + Marketing Platform

To address the challenges of a fragmented market and definitively answer these three questions, Cendyn has invested significant capital and human resources to provide the most advanced digital marketing and data management solution in the hospitality industry: The 360° Advertising + Marketing  Platform.

Cendyn provides a unique, integrated, single-platform solution for Digital Marketing + Advertising

Integrated Channels

Integrated Services

At Cendyn, we are proponents of a 360° marketing approach. We believe that all digital marketing channels coexist in the same ecosystem and should reinforce and support each other. When a campaign's distribution is extended to a new channel, we measure impact across all channels. We believe it is extremely important to understand how all channels are contributing to a conversion in order to effectively optimize any campaign. Leveraging the 360° Platform, we use attribution reporting to analyze the cross-channel events leading up to a conversion so we can fully understand how display, paid search, social, mobile and other channels each influence the conversion process. Using these methodologies, we can effectively monitor the impact across all channels and increase/decrease specific budgets, shift the percentage of brand vs. generic keyword terms, focus on a specific channel based on success, and make real-time optimization adjustments to insure the highest ROI for your marketing budget.

Extensive Reach
Cendyn's 360° Platform has been built for scale. API integration with thousands of publishers, major advertising exchanges, data aggregators, the big three search engines and social networks gives us the ability to reach over 87% of all active online consumers and to target your campaigns against over 100 million anonymous consumer profiles.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities
The real power of Cendyn's 360° Digital Marketing Platform is derived from our ability to leverage the massive reach described above to pinpoint your targeted audience and move them through the conversion funnel. Cendyn's digital marketing team sets campaign targeting parameters in the system based on: Third Party Research, Competitive Analysis, Guest Profiles (CRM), Psychographic Profiles, Demographic Profiles, Top Feeder Markets, Campaign Goals, and Campaign ROI Targets. Once the campaign is live, the 360° Platform's predictive and behavioral targeting algorithms optimize around the target, delivering continuous improvement and measurable results across all channels. The following targeting parameters are enabled on The Platform:

  • Behavioral/Audience
  • Re-Targeting
  • Search Re-Targeting
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Contextual
  • Category
  • Time-based & Day Parting
  • Language