Personalize Service Pre, During, Post

Wow guests before they arrive!
Even before they step foot in your hotel, guests can experience everything your property has to offer with Cendyn's eConcierge®. Via their confirmation email, guests can customize their ultimate vacation and manage a detailed guest profile with the simple click of a mouse. The Guest Profile captures personal preferences and interests, which in turn allows you to better serve your guests on a more personal level. Guests can submit requests, see real-time status of all requests, receive special messages and maintain a digital itinerary, which results in higher guest spending and increased loyalty.

Personalized Vacation Planner
As bookings occur, a dynamic email confirmation is sent to each guest that invites the guest to utilize the eConcierge system via an active link. After clicking on the active link, guests enter the eConcierge system where they can book any activity, make any request of the property and plan their entire stay all prior to their arrival. This system remains available to the guest so they can continue to build their itinerary and check the status of their requests.

Operational Benefits of eConcierge Include

  • Streamlines the reservation process
  • Maximizes incremental revenues
  • Reduces cancellations
  • Provides an increased level of customer service
  • Allows guests to plan and customize their entire stay itinerary prior to arrival

Operational Highlights of eConcierge Include

  • Property request management system to handle all requests and responses
  • 3/7/10-day pre-arrival email (reminder). Can include weather, special events, directions, etc.
  • Automated delivery of guest's itinerary
  • Guest's itinerary is viewable in real-time
  • Automated Concierge notification for all guest requests
  • Real-time reporting back end
  • Guest itineraries can be printed for arriving guests
  • Can be used on property for walkup requests
  • Maintains all communications between guest and property

Marketing Benefits Include

  • Increases guest loyalty
  • Cultivates the customer relationship prior to arrival
  • Shows strong commitment to making a guest's stay or event perfect
  • Pre-stay communication allows promotion of targeted special offers

Cendyn's eConcierge has generated almost one million requests, resulting in over $40 million in incremental revenue for its clients!