Connect Critical Interfacing Systems

All over the world, hotel companies are exploring new ways to improve the speed and efficiency by which they do business. Fundamental to any of these strategies is the free and up-to-the-moment flow of information throughout the hotel enterprise.

Cendyn's eConnectivity® middleware platform ushers in a new age of hotel system communications. It will help your hotel improve efficiency and profitability by connecting critical systems internally or across multiple hotels. Interfacing systems such as PMS, CRS, web booking engine, Sales & Catering, CRM, Back Office and Reporting, eConnectivity allows for seamless communication of reservations, guest and group transactions.

eConnectivity can power your Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) efforts by consolidating and coordinating the computer applications your hotel is currently utilizing. EAI involves developing a new total view of a hotel company's business and its applications—seeing how existing applications fit into the new view; how communication between legacy systems can be improved, and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications, data and processes. Using your existing legacy applications, eConnectivity will help you add or migrate to new sets of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, extranet and other new technologies.

Hotels are transitioning from function-based to process-based ways of doing business in order to become more responsive and more profitable. To make this transition successfully requires a focused dependency on accurate, timely and meaningful information. When hotels can see or respond immediately to time-critical information, they make better decisions, raise customer satisfaction levels, and reduce costs through greater efficiency and productivity. Today's operational systems were designed to capture information reactively, storing it until requested or accessed, creating costly data latency.

Cendyn's eConnectivity platform makes it effortless for multiple disparate hotel systems to proactively push system data and important events directly to an intelligent messaging system, so that critical hotel information can be shared instantly among the Cendyn suite of applications and other systems that drive your business.

Off-the-Shelf, Configurable Adapters (Interfaces) that Include

  • Over 40 PMS Systems (one and two-way) – All Guest Data, Reservations, Financial Data
  • Support for all HTNG Messaging – All Guest Data, Reservations, Financial Data
  • Delphi and Daylight Sales & Catering Systems
  • Credit Card Company Financial Systems (for Folio Transmissions)
  • Spa Management Systems
  • Channel Management & Distribution Systems
  • Golf Tee-Time Systems
  • Event Ticket Inventory Providers
  • CRS, POS and other critical hotel systems

eConnectivity's Adapter Development Technology allows rapid interface development for any system so that critical data can be acquired, and ultimately drive results. All Adapters are re-usable and configurable to meet any hotel's business needs.

Benefits Include

  • Increased productivity and guest response
  • Eliminate errors from manual entry
  • More accurate and timely data = More informed decisions
  • Improved guest satisfaction
  • Increased guest loyalty
  • Extended technology lifecycle
  • Lower operating costs