Make a Powerful Statement with Video

Increase Conversions through Customized Video with Cendyn's hotel sales video proposal response tool.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Create a relationship with your potential guests by sending a quick, personalized online video that sets you apart from your competition—it is crucial to gaining their business and increasing conversions. With Cendyn's new eFaceTime video built into eProposal®, you can differentiate your quality of service. You then become more than a faceless venue—you have introduced yourself as a human being. The more a guest gets to know you as a person, the more they will trust you as a friend; friends buy from friends.

Embedded video will help you

  • Grow your market presence
  • Quickly create and send out custom videos
  • Eliminate buyer's remorse
  • Record testimonials during the event
  • Make sure they come back!

Use eFaceTime to

  • Introduce yourself and build a friendship with your client
  • Personalize video tours
  • Individually highlight key features of your property
  • Show meeting space
  • Digitally connect with the client throughout the event planning process
  • Personally follow up