Organize & Centralize Documents Online
Impress the meeting planner community with our eco-friendly online solution that conveys all the information they need at the click of a button. You'll not only save printing and shipping costs, you will also save paper, time, phone calls and faxes. Best of all, this self-editing web-based presentation system is user-friendly. ePlanner®,

a hotel meeting planner tool

, has the ability to display unlimited documents, links, and images, making it a must for hotels, resorts, and any venue that hosts meetings or events. It's easy to train new employees and managers to use the system due to its centralized digital location. Once you go paperless, you will solidify relationships among your team, and with meeting planners.

Product Features

  • Online/always accessible
  • Hotel can access and edit in real time 24/7 via the internet
  • Dual language
  • Integrated into getplanning™ and eMenus® or stand alone
  • Strong visuals
  • Personalized with your signature and picture
  • Environmentally sound—reducing paper and mailing
  • Replaces the 50+ page document used by Event Planners to work with your venue or hotel
  • Ability to insert PDFs and links