Rapid Response Drives Conversions
eProposal® has been the industry standard since its innovation in 1999. Today, more than 10,000 hotels and venues worldwide are using Cendyn's award-winning

hotel sales proposal software tool

and reporting accelerated response time and growing business. You'll enjoy ROI with measurable results. Cendyn has a version of eProposal that is right for every need and every budget, with eProposal and eP LITE™. Increase your conversion rates drastically by being the first to respond to RFPs. Customers want immediate answers after filling out three, to five lead forms or making inquiry calls. Since response time is the best predictor of a closed transaction, eProposal is also integrated with Newmarket® International's sales & catering systems to ensure the fastest response time. With integrated features such as eFaceTime, a video introduction sales tool, and eCard™, an electronic greeting card, eProposal allows you to create a connection with guests.

eProposal Provides

  • Speed to market
  • Personalized proposal with relevant content
  • Market specific presentation
  • The "Wow Factor"—Customers are not only impressed by your response time, but also how your proposal showcases the venue

Benefits for Users

  • Increase proposal conversion ratio by being the first to respond
  • Integrated with Newmarket® International's sales & catering systems, Delphi®, Daylight®, Delphi.Net as well as MeetingBrokerSM
  • Standard templates allow you to respond to RFPs in minutes instead of hours
  • Notification system allows you to follow up when the customer is ready to make a decision

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Comprehensive hotel information in one robust electronic brochure
  • Access to all travel information 24/7 via the internet
  • No need to download large files
  • Ability to forward the entire proposal to other decision makers