Converting at the Highest Rate of Return
At Cendyn we are proponents of a 360° marketing approach. We believe that all advertising mediums coexist in the same fragmented ecosystem and should reinforce and support each other. When a campaign's distribution is extended to a new channel, we measure impact across all channels. We believe it is extremely important to understand how all channels are contributing to a conversion in order to effectively optimize any campaign. We use attribution reporting to show the last 10 events leading up to a conversion so we can fully understand how hotel website marketing, display, paid search, natural search, email and other channels each impact the conversion process. Using these methodologies, we can effectively monitor the impact with natural versus paid search and other initiatives and increase/decrease specific budgets, shift the percentage of brand versus generic keyword terms, focus on a specific channel based on success, and make any adjustments needed to insure the highest ROI for your marketing budget.