Visual Meeting Search Engine®
Interactive Group Event Planning
With Visual Meeting Search Engine®,

an interactive meeting search engine group event planning tool, you can provide meeting planners with all the information they need to book meetings exclusively with your brand and provide a convenient way to submit and receive online RFPs.

Visual meeting is a search engine designed specifically for meeting planners to perform searches for meeting destinations worldwide in a visual interactive mapping format utilizing Google's traditional Places style of search. The search engine encourages planners to take immediate action by providing quick and easy to read results as well as links to regional websites or special promotion sites.

The search engine allows for the meeting planner to see rich media presentation for all possible venues. A functional geographic map presentation features:

  • Multi-media tours
  • Surround video
  • Video
  • Photo tours
  • Schematics
  • Venue fact sheets

The Search Process
Meeting planners start out a Venue Search where they simply type in their search requirements. The engine then pops up all hotels in that area meeting the search requirements on the interactive map. With the same display information functionality as the efficient Google Places, our search process is solely focused on the information that planners will need to book an event.

The RFP Process
Sending a request for proposal is seamless as the RFP form is fully integrated into the system. All the planner has to do is simply fill in their meeting requirement details.

Hotel View
You can respond to RFP requests by receiving an email with a link to response VMSE or have RFPs sent directly via Cendyn's eProposal® system. Based on the RFP, you can send back exact pricing and details to the meeting planner client at the speed of the internet.