5 tips for switching to paperless events

Paperless events have changed in meaning over the last couple years. At first it was focused on reduction in paper and sustainability goals for an organization. Today it means so much more, it is all about efficiencies and meeting the needs of attendees – specifically the growing number of millennials.

While much of this focus from event planners has been on the evolution of the onsite attendee meeting app, there is a growing need and enormous ground swell to automate the entire Event Planning process. By automating the process you eliminate the substantial time consuming redundant efforts with planning events in a paper and email environment. For the planner it is not just about saving paper it is about saving time and working smarter.

Here are 5 helpful tips for a moving to a paperless event planning solution:

  1. Ensure your paperless solution works across all devices – including desktops as well as mobile devices and tablets.
  2. Make sure your platform is API friendly.
  3. Ease of use and quick ramp up is necessary. You’ll want to limit clicks to create actions and results, and have some familiarity with commonly used mainstream technology.
  4. A secure platform is a must have, ensure yours is PCI Level 1 Compliant.
  5. Owning your data is essential, check to make sure all of your important data is accounted for before moving forward.

Investing in a platform that eliminates paper and is device agnostic at every point of the planning cycle is essential. At Cendyn, our getplanning platform offers the must-have technology that allows planners and venues alike to stop using paper and seamlessly communicate throughout the planning cycle.


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