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Just like in the real world when you receive a text message in ALL CAPS, or a snarky response to an email, we use tone and voice to convey how we feel. Whether it’s friendly and approachable, tongue-in-cheek or entirely outside the box, it can act as a firm handshake, or embrace your audience like a warm hug. Hotel brands are no different. A property’s voice allows the consumer to identify the brand and become instantly reassured of what they can expect. When the average visitor to a website spends between 10 and 20 seconds deciding whether or not they want to read more or move on, it has become increasingly more important to create a brand voice. Your ...
By Allison Goldstein
Content Marketing
Posted: 04/21/2016
Guest arrival is a crucial moment in the guest journey that sets the tone for the entire hotel stay. By the time a guest actually checks in, they have likely undergone a long, tiresome and sometimes irritating travel experience. At this point, their typical mindset is along the lines of, “I can’t wait to get to my room, freshen up and start unwinding”. So it is no surprise that check-in is when a lot things can go wrong. The operational challenge is not how fast you can check the guest in, but how fast you can get the guest in their room without a break-down in communication or guest experience. Know Your Guests: Personalize Check-In Interactio...
If you are considering centralizing your corporate tickets, you may find some resistance when gathering information from stakeholders, especially if you have tickets currently managed in local markets. This situation is not uncommon and can easily be resolved. As with many companies, the decision concerning which customers or prospects should be entertained is sometimes best left to local markets – who know them best. You may also hear legitimate concerns regarding logistics and relationship-building with customers, such as the possibility of not being able to fulfill last minute ticket requests or losing the ability to personally deliver the tickets and meetin...