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Illustrating Unique Value with Property's Values, Tone + Voice

Just like in the real world when you receive a text message in ALL CAPS, or a snarky response to an email, we use tone and voice to convey how we feel. Whether it’s friendly and approachable, tongue-in-cheek or entirely outside the box, it can act as a firm handshake, or embrace your audience like a warm hug. Hotel brands are no different.

A property’s voice allows the consumer to identify the brand and become instantly reassured of what they can expect. When the average visitor to a website spends between 10 and 20 seconds deciding whether or not they want to read more or move on, it has become increasingly more important to create a brand voice.
Your brand’s verbal identity should set you apart from your competition. Don’t be too eager to follow the rules, instead, decide what works best. One brand’s “Do Not Disturb” can be another brand’s “Enter At Your Own Risk”. So tell a story, involve your audience, make it memorable and alluring; your guests will feel connected, which reinforces your brand.

To build a successful brand voice, you must excel at both the tangible and intangible. You must speak and behave in the same style and manner at all points of contact. The more effectively you communicate, the more consumers will identify with the special qualities that make your brand unique, distinctive and most of all, impossible to forget. 

Whether a boutique hotel, a convention center or a five-star resort, a brand platform isn’t something a company can develop and implement overnight, as it takes time to create the ideal stage from which to shine. And never underestimate the power of voice. It sets your property apart from the rest; it speaks to your existing and potential guests, while enhancing the value and satisfaction that one can expect.

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