Cendyn success story: Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado is an iconic destination at the Pacific’s edge just minutes from downtown San Diego. Its Coronado Island setting captures the relaxed beauty and seaside charms of the quintessential Southern California coastal lifestyle. Housed in a grand 1888 Victorian property with 757 rooms, the activities offered are truly one-of-a-kind – from Mermaid Fitness and Beach Spin to Painting by the Sea.
Hotel del Coronado searched for a combined and customized CRM / digital marketing solution that could deliver measurable results, said Sara Harper, Director of Marketing for Hotel del Coronado.
The Del team looked at other solutions, but chose Cendyn’s proprietary CRM platform and digital marketing services because it gave Hotel del Coronado “the ability to reach our audience through all the channels in one consolidated system,” Harper said. “Cendyn offered a more efficient digital marketing system.”
The combined CRM and digital marketing solution won the Del team over with its efficiency and strength. But it wasn’t just the technology, it was also Cendyn’s people. The two teams just clicked.
People: “We have a strong Cendyn team. I know there is an army behind all of it too.”
Trust: “I don’t have to micro manage, I know Cendyn is taking care of us.”
ROI: “We can measure more now than ever before. There’s just more data points available to measure through the integrated digital marketing and CRM.”
Targeting: “The biggest win has been the data appends we’ve done. We won an award for the look-alike models built with Cendyn. It was a huge win for us.”
More direct bookings: “We’ve been able to increase the share of direct bookings via the website over voice and OTA. It’s been a dramatic shift over the course of our relationship with Cendyn.”

Increased revenue: “We’ve increased revenue via digital channels. Being able to see on a weekly basis what’s working and what’s not working has been tremendous.”

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