Cendyn partners with Hedgehog for marketing personalization

Cendyn teams up with Hedgehog

Cendyn is proud to announce a new partnership with digital consultancy firm Hedgehog to integrate Cendyn’s eInsight customer relationship management (CRM) solution with Sitecore content management system (CMS) to deliver powerful personalized digital experiences.

The agreement will enable Hedgehog to tap Cendyn’s guest intelligence engine to fuel live personalization and dynamic pricing based on marketing segmentation and guest profiles in eInsight across Sitecore’s digital platforms.

Key facts:

  • CRM + CMS integration between Cendyn and Sitecore, facilitated by Hedgehog
  • Hotels can ensure their guests receive targeted messaging based on their personal preferences and behaviors
  • Enables dynamic personalization based on data intelligence in Cendyn’s central data warehouse across all Sitecore digital channels.

To learn more about the benefits of setting up the Cendyn/Sitecore connection with your hotel, make an appointment today.