Cendyn & TripAdvisor Review Collection

Cendyn & TripAdvisor Review Collection partnership

Online ratings and reviews can make or break a hotel’s image. That’s why Cendyn is excited to announce that our flagship CRM solution, eInsight, is now fully integrated with TripAdvisor as a Review Collection Partner, linking the full power of CRM with reputation management.

The TripAdvisor Review Collection Partnership, not only improves a hotelier’s ability to manage and respond quickly to reviews, it improves the experience for the guest. Guests no longer have to navigate to the TripAdvisor site, or even login with their credentials to post a review from their account. The seamless integration allows guests to post reviews post-stay by simply clicking through an automated email sent from the hotel.

How will Review Collection affect my TripAdvisor page?

Recent findings from TripAdvisor and Guestfolio, part of Cendyn Hospitality Cloud, identified that 74% of hotels using Guestfolio maintained or improved their TripAdvisor ranking position since starting Review Collection, and over 10% of those clients now occupy the No. 1 ranking in their region. Furthermore, 85% of Guestfolio clients using Review Collection experienced higher review scores, or ‘bubble rating’ out of 5 (4.4 vs 4.2).

Timely & personalized responses

After each TripAdvisor review is collected, responses from Management are automatically sent to guests, with dynamic content and tailored messaging suited to negative and positive reviews.

Avoid cookie-cutter replies

Automated responses can be sent on behalf of different departments based on TripAdvisor review focus. For example, if cleanliness was a problem, a response from the housekeeping manager is sent. Food and beverage? A note from the catering manager is received.

Enhanced guest profiles with survey data

TripAdvisor review content and ranking is automatically added to guest profiles in eInsight CRM. Data can be assessed collectively, by property, guest or demographic, providing a deeper understanding of your guests likes and dislikes.

Intelligent customer service

A new TripAdvisor tab is integrated with guest profiles, allowing the front desk to customize the arrival greeting and even proactively modify a reservation to address past concerns or positive feedback with upgrades or special touches.

TripAdvisor’s integration further strengthens Cendyn’s position as the most integrated CRM in hospitality, with over 176 connections, spanning property management systems, point-of-sale systems, spa software, food and beverage vendors, maintenance, security and many more.

Interested in learning more about Cendyn eInsight’s integration with TripAdvisor? Contact us today for a demo!