Creating an implementation plan for new technology solutions

Some say technology can make our lives easier and in most cases this is true, but there are often speed bumps along the way. Regardless, long term investing in technology is essential and can be the difference between success and failure of a leader and/or an organization. We know this investment has added more to the planner’s already full plate. While the basics of planning has not changed, how we plan and deliver events has.

Today’s planner must be up to date and either using or implementing technology into their meetings. A successful planner must also embrace technology head on yet wearing another hat in their ever-growing role. Here are some thoughts on how to do this effectively.


  • Map out what you need. Ask yourself important questions such as: “What do you want to automate?” and “What is the end result?”
  • Include all stakeholders in the decision making process, including approval from the Executive Level


  • Understand all the costs involved in implementing a new system so you can automate and budget accordingly.
  • Review a range products, and more importantly, the company delivering them.
  • Include all stakeholders in product Demos so everyone involved can determine the best fit for the company.
  • Your solution provider should be a partner, not a vendor.


  • Alert the entire team/organization of your plan so there will be no surprises when the new products are put into the system.
  • When introducing the new technology plan to your team, clearly identifying key benefits as well as the timeline for implementation and training.
  • Set both internal and external goals for implementation.


  • Support from Executive Level to the team is essential, everyone in the company should be onboard to set the entire organization up for success.o Exude confidence in your chosen solution, including directly addressing the ramp up to the plan implementation early and often.


  • Keep to your timeline to the best of your abilities, but know your timeline may slip and you’ll need to adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Have a plan for operational challenges ahead of implementation.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Solution providers should understand challenges commonly faced by event planners as well as how the industry operates. Being a technology solution is not good enough, being an Event Technology Partner is a must. At Cendyn, we bring over 100 years of industry level experience into our Event Technology Products. We methodically work with our customers to configure our platform solutions to meet their needs – not the other way around. Contact us today to learn how Cendyn Arcaneo’s innovative, cloud-based products can improve the way your company plans and manages events.