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By Casey Munck
Marketing Manager
Posted: 12/22/2017
Anthony Petrella (middle, blue shirt) - Cendyn Digital Strategy Coordinator  How long have you been traveling? My first plane ride was to Massachusetts when I was six months old. What do you do to avoid getting sick? My go to is Airborne tablets right before the flight. Eating food with a lot of garlic in it the night before has never failed me either. What is the best way to change currency? I’ve never had to change currency. All the places I’ve been even out of the country take US Dollars. Aisle or window? Aisle seat. I definitely like having the extra arm and leg room. Tips on how to take a nap on a plane...
Name: Delano Williams  Title: Sales Development Representative  Describe your role: We are the foot soldiers on the front lines looking for opportunities to connect potential clients with Cendyn.    What attracted you to Cendyn? I was attracted to Cendyn because of the connection the company has with Lynn University and the level of class portrayed by each member of the Cendyn team.  How do your strengths play into the work you do? My people skills! As a sales development rep, it is my job to connect with new people and gauge their interests and needs. It is also my duty to uphold the level of respect and class that Cendyn has...
By John Seaton
Managing Director, EMEA & APAC
Posted: 12/07/2017
In your opinion, what are the top three trends that hoteliers should be aware of going into 2018? The evolving nature of the guest experience and keeping up with guests’ needs and expectations is a huge focus for the hospitality industry. For a hotel, managing the customer relationship is one of the most critical elements of gaining and increasing loyalty, and yet can be the most difficult for hotels to master, as customers interact with them via a burgeoning number of contact points: email, mobile, social media, at the front desk and throughout the hotel property. Never before has technology played a more important role in improving what is ultimately the hum...