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Travel chat with Associate Director, Key Accounts Jessica Sheriff

How long have you been traveling?  
Growing up, I always traveled to New York and Maine in the summers to visit family, but I took my first big trip when I was 16. I spent the entire summer in Israel and it was an incredible experience. 

Aisle or window?  
Window. I’m not the best flyer so sitting next to the window makes me feel like I have more control, even though I realize that is ridiculous.  

Tips on how to take a nap on a plane?  
Staying up late to pack the night before has always worked well for me. ;) 

What’s your favorite airline and hotel?  
I like JetBlue. My flights are consistently on time and the service is great. The televisions on every flight don’t hurt either! My favorite hotel is Miraval Arizona. It’s a very special place where you can focus on your health & well-being. You’ll leave feeling very Zen! 

Best way to overcome jetlag?  
Rally through! I try to resist the urge to take a nap and do my best to adapt to my new environment. I usually will schedule a tour or activity right when I land to force my body to adjust. 

What is your favorite/worst thing about traveling?  
My favorite thing about traveling is discovering new places and learning about other cultures. My least favorite part of traveling is the planning. I like doing some light research but I am terrible at actually booking things! 

What is your longest trip to date?  
I went to Iceland (8 days) & Switzerland (7 days) on my honeymoon - both places were unbelievable! 

The saying goes ‘you don’t really know someone till you’ve traveled together.’ What’s your take?  
I do believe this to be true. Traveling with someone reveals a lot about them and how they handle different scenarios. Not every aspect of traveling is glamorous so it’s important to travel with people who can make the best out of any situation.  

What is your travel horror story?  
My husband and I went skiing in Telluride (shout out to Mountain Lodge) and we somehow got separated (he sped ahead of me) and I deviated from the trail. A blizzard started and I was convinced I was going to die out there. As it turns out, I was only a few feet off the trail and a 5-year-old was able to rescue me to safety. 

Favorite destination and why?  
Iceland. I’ve never been somewhere with such unique terrain. On a day trip, you can encounter lush green mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and beaches. I also had the chance to see the Northern Lights, which was unreal. I highly recommend visiting!  

By Casey Munck
Marketing Manager
Posted: 02/02/2018