Guestfolio now speaks your language!

Communication is at the core of true hospitality. Being able to understand and communicate in your local language provides the foundation to providing a unique experience for every guest. For many years, Guestfolio CRM has offered hoteliers the ability to communicate via email with their guests, no matter the language they speak. Now, for the first time, the Guestfolio CRM dashboard will be available in your language!

Guestfolio language 1


Guestfolio language 2By default, Guestfolio CRM will now display in your preferred language, as determined by your browser settings. The languages currently provided for users using Guestfolio CRM are: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. This enhancement for the platform puts more power in the hands of independent and boutique hotels across the globe. With access to guest profile, review, email marketing and reporting data in your native language, a more personalized, bespoke service can be provided to each guest.



Enriched Guest Activity Cards

Your guests are always front of mind with Guestfolio CRM. This is why we’ve enriched the guest data available to you on your Guestfolio Login Screen. Guest activity cards now provide more revenue and reservation information for Front Desk users.

Provide the guest with an even better experience by keeping their most up to date information, front and center. Whether they’re arriving, departing or in-house, you’ll always have the right data for your guests at your fingertips.

activity cards 1

To unlock these exciting new features and try Guestfolio CRM now, contact us today!

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