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A Peak Under the Hood of MetronXpress

A Peak Under the Hood of MetronXpress
David Dvorak, SVP of Brand and Enterprise Sales at Cendyn, sat down with us after PCMA Convening Leaders in Austin to discuss ins and outs of MetronXpress, a Cendyn solution he spoke about at the Mashup Studio during the conference.

What is MetronXpress?
MetronXpress is a powerful Strategic Meeting Management tool designed to manage the entire event process, including registration, sourcing, event management, vendor management, attendee management, budget management and reporting. You can oversee all your meetings from one location, and switch between meetings with the press of a button. Enterprises can use these features or pick and choose which areas are important to their specific organization.  
MetronXpress is configured specifically for each customer and delivers the highest level of security compliance - “PCI Level 1.” MetronXpress and all Cendyn products provide our customers with peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about Transaction or Marketing Fees. Everything is straightforward and transparent with no nickel and diming, EVER. 
Who is MetronXpress for?
Any type of organization, association, small, medium or large corporation and DMOs that execute anywhere from a handful of meetings to large numbers of events per year.
The common denominator with our clients is limited resources but need for a tool to manage complexity and improved event delivery, while demonstrating value or Return on Events to their organizations, attendees and other stakeholders like the Board of Directors, HR or finance.
Can you explain some of the benefits of MetronXpress?
At its heart, MetronXpress helps plan, source, manage and measure your events. It streamlines the entire event lifecycle from beginning to end, resulting in significant cost and time savings.
The ability to add, manage and report on all amenities for your meeting, including managing costs and insuring they stay in line with your budget, provides a significant advantage to what typically is a very time-consuming and often overlooked area of meetings management. 
Another great advantage is that MetronXpress allows you put all your suppliers in one location, with easy access to the information and services supplied for each event or across multiple events. It also offers the ability to see total spend and any credits your organization is due.
Having the ability to properly manage your concessions within MetronXpress provides dramatic insight into how much your outstanding negotiating has saved your organization. Attendee management is also built into the platform, and the ability to quickly pull up any attendee instantly provides insight and more importantly, time savings. Finally, it gives you an idea of how you performed across events, what worked and what didn’t.
Does MetronXpress integrate with other platforms?
Cendyn has an open API capable of integrating with any system. Today we have over 100 integrations for our customers. This includes:
-          Association Management Software
-          Concur Cliqbook
-          getplanning
-          Amadeus Sales & Catering (Delphi and Hotel Sales Pro
 Can you explain some of the features that help users manage their meetings?
Setting up an event is easy with the intuitive setup process, a simple navigation, and lots of free form comment fields. Want to manage just F&B events? No need to search, just click on the Food & Beverage tab and all events with F&B are brought up. These time-saving features help overall efficiency in managing your meetings.
You can also manage your teams, allowing you to easily assign team members to specific meetings. You can even import and manage all your contacts without having to switch to another system.  
The Venue tab is where all the action happens. From this area, you can manage your guest rooms, function space, meeting agendas, setups, food & beverage, AV, amenities and concessions.
In the Supplier tab, you can add, manage and report on all your suppliers, not just for a single meeting but across multiple meetings, giving you substantial data to increase ROI and vendor management.
Transportation is often a large expense for any meeting. You can handle all your transportation needs, whether individual or mass transportation, directly within MetronXpress.
If you are using Sourcing, all your RFP responses are captured within the platform, so it is easy to review responses at any time and run reports on these responses.
Going into the Guest Room area, you can manage your blocks at not just one venue, but for multiple venues. All the data is at your fingertips.
Managing your function space works the same way; you can manage one venue or multiple facilities, which includes adding, managing, deleting, or copying/cloning your space. We’ve also included the ability to review your agenda, and use our “Space Matrix” to get that high-level view so many people need. 
Can you use MetronXpress to source meeting venues?
Yes, we’ve built that technology right into MetronXpress. You can research and source a venue based on availability for the meeting you are working on. The system will pull all your data and requirements into the RFP, or you can individually source a meeting prior to setting it up in the system. The bottom line is you can source the way you want. The advantage with our sourcing tool is that we don’t take marketing fees from anyone, so what you source is what you get!
How can MetronXpress help with budgeting?
All your costs and revenues get captured within the system and are accessed from your budget area, making it easy to stay on top of your budget. Setting up multiple budgets with countless line items? No problem. Understanding where you are in real-time with your budgets helps make for smart financial decisions because you have instant access to all relevant financial data.
What are the reporting capabilities of MetronXpress?
Reporting is essential to a SMM system and with MetronXpress, our robust Business Intelligence & Reporting engine driven by IBM Cognos gives you real-time access to data. It comes with a library of standard reports that can be customized, but there really isn’t any limit to how you can query your meetings and event data. You can use the drag and drop editor or create your own reports on the fly by dragging fields into the query pane, giving you the flexibility to create or customize your own reports. Want to save even more time? Use our Report Scheduler, and you can set up any report to be automatically delivered to whomever needs it. Since it’s an automatic process, you never have to worry about specific departments not getting what they need – it’s all taken care of for you.

By Allison Goldstein
Content Marketing
Posted: 01/20/2017