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What's on your iPhone with Digital Account Manager Sabrina Ryan

Digital Account Manager Sabrina Ryan serves as the main point of contact for several Cendyn clients, assisting with the strategy, planning and reporting of their marketing and advertising campaigns. When she’s not trying out new recipes or binge-watching the latest Netflix/Hulu series, she loves to travel and explore the outdoors. Today, she reveals what’s on her iPhone.

Who was the last person you called? My Dad

What is your current screen saver? Both my lock screen and home screen are of my dog, Koko. I also have tons of pictures of him in my office and he’s my desktop background!

Cities listed in your clock app? Boca Raton, FL (Cendyn office) and Punta Gorda, FL (hometown). I also have one that changes based on my current location.

Current ringtone? For several years, it was the theme song from my favorite show, The Office, but now it’s just a default ringtone.

Favorite emoji? Any smiley face, especially the one with the heart eyes.

Favorite song or playlist? Depends on my mood, but recently I’ve been listening to 70s and 80s Smash Hits on Spotify.

Favorite app for work? Either Skype or my email.

Favorite app for pleasure? Definitely Pinterest!

How many unread emails do you have? 42, but they’re all articles that are sent daily and I read them every Friday. I compulsively check and flag all my other emails as they come in.

Favorite photo on your camera roll? My family went snorkeling in Mexico last year, and I have a ton of pictures on my phone from that day that always make me laugh

Last text you sent? To my boyfriend, telling him that dinner is almost ready! 

By Casey Munck
Manager, Marketing
Posted: 07/07/2017

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