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Cendyn/EVENTS eBrochure is a realistic, magazine-style page flipping digital brochure that paints a compelling picture of your venue or event’s best features. This easy to use online solution allows you to add rich media, audio or video along with the ability to embed links directly into your proposals and communications in order to capture direct bookings.   One of the best parts about eBrochure is that you can update it as quickly as your event or venue changes. You can personalize your eBrochure for weddings, conferences, board meetings and more. Show off a fabulous Sunday brunch at one of your restaurants or photos from the last trade show held in yo...
By Tim Sullivan
Chief Sales + Marketing Officer
Posted: 03/24/2016
Leveraging over 120 million CRM Guest Profiles representing 35 billion unique data elements, Cendyn/ONE delivered 1.2 billion personalized marketing messages in 2015, generating over $500,000,000 in directly booked room revenue for our hotel and resort clients. You have certainly read the articles and research showing that “consumer demand for personalization makes information the most valuable currency” and that “all travelers, regardless of age and type (business or leisure) are looking for a unique, authentic, personalized, seamless travel experience.” Guests who receive fractured, impersonal messages from a hospitality brand get easily...
By Allison Goldstein
Content Marketing
Posted: 03/10/2016
Cendyn/ONE is excited about our first time exhibiting at “the world’s leading travel show”. Here are five very good reasons you should stop by Hall 6.1, Booth #151.   1. Learn about the Essential Components of True Hotel CRM At Cendyn/ONE we have developed our CRM platform specifically for hotels and resorts and believe that true, enterprise Hotel CRM requires three core components: Enhanced Guest Profiles Communication Automation Guest Intelligence and Analytics Stop by the booth and we’ll tell you exactly how these components can transform the way you engage with your guests. 2. See the Benefits of ou...
Paperless events have changed in meaning over the last couple years. At first it was focused on reduction in paper and sustainability goals for an organization. Today it means so much more, it is all about efficiencies and meeting the needs of attendees - specifically the growing number of millennials.   While much of this focus from event planners has been on the evolution of the onsite attendee meeting app, there is a growing need and enormous ground swell to automate the entire Event Planning process. By automating the process you eliminate the substantial time consuming redundant efforts with planning events in a paper and email environment.  For the ...
By Dan Fernandez
Director of Digital Marketing + Advertising
Posted: 03/03/2016
On Friday, February 19th, Google started removing the right-hand rail ads from desktop search result pages. The worldwide change was progressively rolled out last week in all languages. The new Search Engine Result Page (SERP) architecture ends up eliminating one of the main characteristics that differentiate desktop from mobile queries. It particularly affects what Google calls “highly trafficked queries,” which impacts popular travel-related searches as such “hotels in New York City.” Needless to say, this change is very important to the hotel industry, but what does it mean for you as an hotelier? 36% Less Text Ads per Desktop Search E...