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SVP Michael Bennett reveals what's on his iPhone

As SVP of Global Marketing + Business Development for Cendyn, Michael Bennett is a man on the move. A frequent traveler, he lives by his iPhone to keep things moving at Cendyn. Today, he reveals what’s on his phone.
Last person you called: My wife Gina
Number of unread text messages:
Favorite photo: Any photo of my girls 
Current screen saver: Picture of me and my girls sledding in the mountains near San Diego 
Current ring tone: Old phone 
Favorite app for work: Salesforce because I can do 90 percent of what I need to do without getting on my PC
Favorite app for pleasure: Spotify. It has all my playlists, my daughters’ playlists and makes it easy for me to find all their songs
Screen cracked? Nope 
Most listened to song on iTunes: I don’t use iTunes
Last app you downloaded: ITB Berlin
What model is your iPhone? 6S+
Strangest place you’ve carried your iPhone? My phone is with me in the bathroom
Cities listed in your clock app: San Diego, Berlin, London, Singapore and Miami
How many selfies in your photo stream? 247 selfies, but they’re mostly my daughters 
Favorite contacts: My wife, mom, brother, mother-in-law, Charles, Tim and my Cendyn team
Last person you FaceTime’d: Me, my daughters and their grandparents 
Favorite emoji: Depends on my mood but probably thumbs up or smiley face. I also use the poop emoji a lot. Usually when I’m mad at something or someone!
How many screens of apps? I only have two screens but they’re full of folders organized by type of app
Last text you sent: My wife called me and I texted her, “I’m talking to Tim Sullivan.” That seems to happen a lot!

By Casey Munck
Marketing Manager
Posted: 03/16/2017

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