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By Michael Bennett
SVP, Global Marketing + Business Development
Posted: 06/22/2017
Guest blog Q&A feature with John McAuliffe from WebCanada and Cendyn SVP Michael Bennett: A strong believer that creative marketing is only successful when held accountable to the results it produces, webcanada thought it would be interesting to get Michael's take on what hotel digital marketers should focus on today. John McAuliffe: If I were to join an independent hotel property as a digital marketer, what would I want to tackle first?Michael: Since the majority of a hotel’s marketing spend today is digital, taking a look at your digital marketing performance is your first step. I would assume your property has an agency partner because they d...
By Audrey Theroux
Posted: 06/02/2017
From summer road trips with his mom to moving to Italy with his family for 4 months, Duane Hepditch, our SVP of Product Marketing, has always had the inclination to travel. Although his journeying has changed to mostly business travel, Duane makes every effort to enjoy the little things that every city has to offer.How long have you been traveling? I only started travelling internationally 10 years ago. Before that it was long road trips with my mom each summer.What do you do to avoid getting sick? I spent my summers on the water, I’m accustomed to motion sickness.What is the best way to change currency? VISA. I rarely use cash when I’m travelling unles...
By Kim Kaupe
Co-Founder, ZinePak
Posted: 05/22/2017
Superfans are everywhere. They consistently spend on their favorite airline’s credit card, root loyally for their hometown sports team, and have stayed at their favorite hotel chain 37 times. These individuals don’t just interact with a brand, they live it! In today’s culture of instant everything it is more important than ever for hotels to identify, surprise, and delight these hyper-focused consumers. They are angel advocates of your brand and truly help define the statistic that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customer base.  Ask yourself these 5 questions to make sure your marketing campaigns are designed to lure in and keep ...
By Allison Goldstein
Content Marketing
Posted: 05/11/2017
As part of our continued mission to push the boundaries of technology, Cendyn’s Web Production team recently took part in a month-long hackathon competition, during which participants were required to create a website, application, mobile app, or a library/plug-in from the ground up. Specific ground rules were set and as always, the Cendyn team rose to the challenge, creating applications that might even end up in future client solutions or internal processes. “I loved how the hackathon was set up to push the participants out of their comfort zone,” said Emily McMullin, VP of Interactive Design & Development at Cendyn. “By challenging ...
By Nicki Graham
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager
Posted: 05/02/2017
Last week our SVP Product Marketing, Duane Hepditch and Regional Sales Director, Gladys Ang headed to HSMAI ROC Asia Pacific for two days of discussion around revenue management strategies. From networking, to presentations to workshops, HSMAI covered all bases and inspired great conversations amongst peers in a beautiful Singapore setting. Our key takeaways from the event followed on the themes of - collaboration, loyalty, leveraging the right channels and communication. In line with these themes, Duane Hepditch looked in detail at the convergence of revenue management and customer analytics and how revenue management and how marketing can work together exceptional...