Meet the team – Xundong Ding

Meet the people behind Cendyn

Describe your role at Cendyn:

I manage R&D and operations.

What departments do you oversee?

Software development

Tell us about your background

: Bachelor in Physics and Masters in Computer Engineering. I joined Cendyn in 2001.

What excites you about technology?

The exciting thing about technology is there is always something new and unknown on the horizon. No one can predict where technology will take us. The development of technology has led to so many mind-boggling discoveries, better facilities and luxuries, but at the same, it’s dramatically changed our daily lives –the way we communicate, study, work, shop, play, and behave.

How is Cendyn using AI to enhance the guest experience?

Hotels try to create a valuable customer journey from start to finish. By utilizing artificial intelligence through powerful data analytics, the hospitality industry can create a better view of the customer while engaging with them on a deeper level. Machine learning requires a centralized system, where all relevant data from various channels are linked and stored. Many hotels still use isolated solutions without sufficient linkage, which prevents valuable use of the available data. The constantly growing streams of data can only be managed when using a modern CRM like Cendyn eInsight, which gives you unmatched insights for personalization with enhanced guest profiles and deep segmentation.

What’s it like being a double minority in tech?

For me, I’ve found it to be a strength, especially in my role here. Cendyn is an international company with people from all around the world. Diversity brings in different perspectives for solutions and makes our products more versatile.

How do you create a culture of excellence with your employees?

Cendyn’s core value is innovation. The essence of innovation is that it takes several experiments to successfully create new products, solutions and services. Failure is a part of the innovation process. I encourage employees not to be afraid of failure and to feel empowered to take risks and be innovative.

Does diversity matter in a development shop? If so, why?

On the one hand, science has proven that we tend to favor toiling side-by-side with people who are most like us. Yet multiple studies have shown that diverse teams are more innovative and productive than homogenous groups. Differences in gender, race, age, and educational background produces better decision making through conversations that come out of varied experiences.

What’s unique about Cendyn’s development team?

We come from many different countries and backgrounds. Our team has passion. Every person and every position is critical to the team success. “Power of We” is what we always keep in mind, which makes sure whatever happens, the whole team will move towards the same direction for one single goal.

What technology innovation would you love to see in hotels?

Hotels should push the impact of artificial intelligence to the farthest corners of their business. The more data integrated into their platforms, the more revenue streams that can be discovered. Hotels of tomorrow will use the infinite power of AI around their customer bases in search of new opportunities.

What advice would you give to women entering the tech workforce?

Be curious and stay passionate. Programmers solve real, modern-day problems and develop innovative ways to benefit society. Women with curious minds and passionate hearts can make their mark in this mission.