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5 minutes with Events Coordinator Abigail Leon

Name: Abigail Leon

Title: Events Coordinator

Describe your role: I coordinate about 70 to 100 trade shows a year that our sales representatives attend, speak at or exhibit with to engage with current and prospective clients.  I do everything from setting up travel arrangements, planning VIP events to filling out electrical forms. 

What attracted you to Cendyn? I first saw a job posting on my college career center’s Facebook page with a company named Cendyn looking for an Events Intern.  I applied for the job thinking, ‘I’ve worked weddings, corporate functions and concerts, why not try trade shows to gain more experience?’ After my interview, I immediately knew I wanted to work for this global company.  Six months later, I was hired right out of college as a full-time employee. I could not be happier with all the experiences Cendyn has led me to today.

How do your strengths play into the work you do? One of my biggest strengths (and weakness) is that I am a perfectionist.  I want to always deliver my best work to the team. This is good and bad in the events world because no event turns out exactly as planned. Having a plan B is always necessary.

What do you like most about working at Cendyn?  I like the people I work with.  My team is amazing. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing I have colleagues who are supportive and up for any challenge.

Favorite Cendyn moment: Traveling to Toronto, Canada, for HITEC.  It was my first trade show and it was a great experience to see how my months of hard work played out. I had the privilege to experience a new city,  gain professional relationships with executives in the company and learn all about NHL trophies!  Also getting stuck at the airport with my boss, Rodd Herron, for hours…what a great bonding experience.

Define hospitality in your own words:  To me, hospitality is providing the best service possible to ensure your guests' happiness. 

What do you like to do for fun? I love doing any type of outdoors activity (when the weather is warm and sunny), such as going to the beach, riding my bike or running.  Spending quality time with my friends and family is also very important.

Parting words of wisdom: Don’t worry about what others think of you—just be yourself.

By Abigail Leon
Posted: 12/01/2017

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