Product News: Enhancements to eInsight CRM, Sales Cloud and Guestfolio CRM

As part of our commitment to hospitality innovation, Cendyn has introduced new enhancements to eInsight CRM, the Cendyn Sales Cloud™, and Guestfolio® CRM.

eInsight CRM | Enterprise marketing automation and guest intelligence

New suppression feature improves inbox delivery

A new tab in the Admin area called Custom Domain Exclusion will allow you to exclude specific domain names from all of your campaigns, regardless of which property is sending the campaign. Use this time-saving feature to exclude domains that have been flagged as spam or corporate email domains that shouldn’t be sent marketing emails.

Custom Domain Exclusion

  • Domain exclusion use cases
    Receiving generic guest email addresses from OTA-booked stays can negatively impact your remarketing efforts. You now have the option to minimize this issue by globally suppressing the OTA domains across your transactional and marketing campaigns.
  • If Email clients (ISPs) detect a domain in your send list that they’ve flagged as spam, they might delay or disrupt delivery to the other emails in your list. Exclude the bad domains to prevent them from interfering with the delivery of good domains.
  • Temporarily suppress problematic domains while we try to work with email clients to remove blocks on them.

Cendyn Sales Cloud™ | Cultivate and drive your share of group business

New solutions bar

eProposal, eBrochure, ePlanner, and eMenus now have a new solutions bar so you can be more efficient and successful at what you do every day. We’ve also made it easier to navigate between your Sales Cloud solutions, created a wider work area and increased speed overall.

eProposal solutions bar

Below the solutions bar, the new task bar highlights where you are in the current solution. These are subtle changes but we think you’re going to love it.

eProposal taskbar

Other enhancements

  • You now have a wider work area (page width)
  • The new navigation makes it quicker to jump between solutions
  • Tables and form fields are easier to read on screen
  • Overall increased speed and responsiveness

Guestfolio® CRM | Intuitive marketing automation and guest intelligence for boutique and independent hotels

New multi-language signup and double-opt in

Guestfolio CRM’s new features further evolve our multi-language capabilities and personalize the guest experience. Specifically, Guestfolio’s newsletter signup form is now able to capture your guests’ language preference and confirm their subscription in that language.

Guestfolio double opt-in

Tailor double opt-in emails

Last year we released a branded, double opt-in email as part of our CASL release to help you stay compliant with expanding email marketing laws around the world. Now you can create, edit and personalize double opt-in emails just like any of our other email types.

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Capture language preferences

As well as importing guests’ language preferences from your PMS or a spreadsheet upload, you can now capture their language preference right in the email marketing signup form on your website. The easy-to-use form builder allows you to add this functionality to your hotel website. For each language option that you enable, you will need a corresponding double opt-in email confirmation to go with it. You decide which languages you wish to provide.

Email marketing subscribers will receive their subscription confirmation in their native language, which increases their likelihood to complete the process. You can also use this valuable information to send targeted campaigns in their language of choice.

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