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Product News: eInsight CRM offers more precise campaign timing & audience builder updates

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As part of our commitment to hospitality innovation, Cendyn is introducing two new enhancements to eInsight CRM. First, a new ‘minutes’ interval option will allow you to send guest emails more frequently throughout the day. Second, we’ve added the ability to duplicate segments in the Audience Builder.

New ‘minutes’ option for triggered emails

When scheduling a transactional email or campaign, you can now choose to have eInsight CRM check for new guests/recipients every 10 minutes rather than daily. This ensures the sending of your message will be more timely and relevant.

Essentially, new guest data enters into your CRM every minute. This new feature lets you instruct eInsight to look for those new guests and send them the relevant message(s) you’ve designed. You may want to use this feature for the following:

  1. If you have a newsletter sign-up confirmation, you can have eInsight CRM look for new registrants every 10 minutes, ensuring your ‘thank you for signing up’ email is sent more promptly.
  2. If you have a post check-in email inviting guests to a Happy Hour, you can use this new setting to ensure your messages are sent throughout the day as people check-in.

Easily clone your Audience Builder segments

Our latest update allows for segments to be cloned. This will save you time and reduce errors when building segments for your campaigns. Just select the new clone button in the segment control menu.

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