Travel chat with CRM Project Coordinator Brennen Leon  

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Brennen Leon CendynName: Brennen Leon

Title: CRM Project Coordinator

How long have you been traveling? Since I was a few months old.

Aisle or window? Used to be strictly window, but I’ve gotten a better appreciation for the aisle over the years.

Tips on how to take a nap on a plane? Unfortunately, I would like some tips as well. I can’t sleep on planes.

What’s your favorite airline and hotel? I would prefer to fly Southwest because they are very cost-efficient. Favorite hotel is tough – I was recently in Dublin and enjoyed the Westin there.

Best way to overcome jetlag? If you are flying overnight – stay up and drink coffee the next day. You won’t regret it and you will get great sleep that next night.

What is your favorite/worst thing about traveling? My favorite thing is going to new places and enjoying new experiences. The worst thing has to be the process of getting onto the plane – checking in, waiting at TSA, waiting to board … just the overall waiting.

What is your longest trip to date? If you count my study abroad, then that was my longest trip at three and a half months. Other than that, I went to Hawaii as a child for two weeks.

You don’t really know someone until you’ve traveled with them: true or false? Hard to tell with this one. I don’t usually travel with someone until I know them well enough.

Do you have a travel horror story? I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of traveling. There were a few times where we landed in terrible weather and were diverted. I think the worst was when my mother misread our tickets coming back from relatives and we were stuck in an airport for eight hours after we missed the cutoff window to check in.

Favorite destination and why? Since I studied abroad in Rome for several months, I would consider Rome to be my second home and favorite place to visit. I love the Italian culture (since it is part of my heritage) and the weather is usually perfect during Spring. I am looking forward to hopefully going back in the next few years!

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