Travel chat with Director, Product Success Virginia Pratts

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How long have you been traveling?

Since I was a baby traveling to NYC with my Mom to visit my Grandmother. I am so fortunate that my parents loved to travel! We went on so many adventures!

How do you avoid getting sick?

A lot of hand sanitizer!

What is the best way to change currency?

I choose to change currency through my bank before I leave the country. Once we land, we hit the ground running to see the sights or meetings (if it’s for business) so it saves us time. However, I much prefer to use credit cards without foreign transactions fees to get those points!

Aisle or window?

Depends on how long the flight is. If it’s a long flight, I need the aisle access. If it’s shorter, then I prefer the window.

Tips on how to take a nap on a plane?

I cannot take naps on planes. I cannot get comfortable, so I end up just watching movies. I need some tips.

What’s your favorite airline and hotel?

JetBlue and The Swissotel Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. We spent one night there, but I wish it would have been longer! The amenities were great. It’s a very cool hotel.

Best way to overcome jetlag?

You must stay hydrated and get as much sleep as possible before the journey.

What is your favorite/worst thing about traveling?

I love getting to see new places and experiencing more cultures. The worst thing is missing my home.

What is your longest trip to date?

Probably about 12 days. I was traveling on business. I went from FLL to LAX (they messed up my flight and I almost missed it at 5 a.m.), Palm Springs, San Diego, New York, Orlando, Atlanta and then back home. It was quite the journey.

The saying goes ‘you don’t really know someone till you’ve traveled together.’ What’s your take?

Absolutely! It is the true test for any relationship.

What is your travel horror story?

Same as my longest trip to date LOL. On my way to New York, we were diverted to Philadelphia due to weather. I arrived 5 hours later than expected. On the way from New York to Orlando, the flight was delayed again due to weather. I did not arrive until 3 a.m. with a presentation at 9 a.m. I was a little tired.

Favorite destination and why?

Switzerland. It is so beautiful. The food is great, and the people are amazing! I cannot wait to go back.

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