Travel chat with Olga Peddie

Travel chat with Sr. VP, Client Strategy & Success Olga-Anna Peddie


Olga-Anna Peddie


Sr. VP, Client Strategy & Success

How long have you been traveling?

Since I was about 5. My Mom was crazy about going somewhere the day after school ended. I was raised in a communist country, so trips were not always easy, but we traveled a lot during the summer. The bug caught on; and I continued traveling through high school and college.

How do you avoid getting sick while traveling?

I wipe everything with “Wet Ones” the moment I get on the plane or hotel room – the seat, the tray, the seatbelt, the remote and all light switches. I also manically wash my hands all the time and take a ton of supplements.

What is the best way to change currency?

I try to use a credit card as much as I can. I have an amazing Chase Sapphire card (I did not get paid for the plug!), which does not charge international fees and lets me rack up points as well. 🙂

Aisle or window?

I am extremely claustrophobic and being blocked by another passenger is a bit too much. I’ve had my share of service-cart-bumped-arm and butt-in-my-face situations where I’ve considered switching to the window, but I’m still sticking to the aisle.

Tips on how to nap on a plane?

I cannot nap on a plane and I totally envy people who can. I’ve traveled with one of our co-workers, Mike Goldenberg. This guy gets on the plane, closes his eyes and is out before the plane takes off. He wakes up after it lands every single time. I don’t know how he does it, but it is a skill.

What’s your favorite airline and hotel?

There are so many, but Hotel del Coronado is my hands down favorite for creating family memories. Rosewood London takes the cake for immaculate service. Hotel Przystan in Olsztyn for home town close-to-my-heart accommodations.

Best way to overcome jetlag?

Sleep and water. Wise scheduling and getting hydrated are key!

What is the best/worst thing about traveling?

Best – exploring the culture. There is nothing that compares to being one with the locals. Worst – missing my family. I have a five-year-old mini me, who I always miss when traveling.

What is your longest trip to date?

Our last trip to Europe/Poland was over two weeks. We flew out of Fort Lauderdale to London, then Gdansk, then Palac Galiny and Hotel Przystan, then back to London and Miami, then home. 4 flights, 14 nights, 4 hotels and one five-year-old. It was a lot; and although words like “never again” might have come out of my mouth, I can’t wait to go back! 😉

Favorite destination and why?

Europe. It’s home. It has my adolescent memories and my heart. 🙂