What’s in your iPhone with Carina Daidone

Meet the people behind Cendyn

Carina DaidoneName: Carina Daidone

Title: Senior CRM Product Service Manager

Fun fact about yourself: I’ve been riding horses for 18 years!

Last person you called: My dad

Cities listed in your clock app: Seattle, Washington; London, England; Sydney, Australia; Dallas, Texas

Current ringtone: Vibrate


Photo on your home screen: My dog Winnie

Favorite song or playlist: I’m all over the place with music. Right now I’m either listening to 60s/70s rock or songs from Broadway.

Favorite app for work? OneNote

Favorite app for pleasure: Instagram

How many unread emails do you have: 26

Last text you sent: “Dylan…what happened to Caribbean Beach” – to my friend after he booked the wrong hotel for our trip to Epcot.

Favorite photo on your camera roll: My friend and I at Versailles


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