What’s on your iPhone with Simin Sartipi

Meet the people behind Cendyn

Name: Simin Sartipi

Title: Director of Ad Operations

What is your role at Cendyn?  I am the Director of Ad Operations: Setup, manage and troubleshoot ad campaigns through different platforms, Google Analytics and more.

Fun fact about yourself?  I am very good at making cookies and desserts.



Who was the last person you called? My daughter

Image/photo on your home screen: My daughter

Cities listed in your clock app: Boca Raton, New York, Tehran

Current ringtone? Reflection

Favorite emoji? Nerdy / Cool

Favorite song or playlist? Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Favorite app for work? Teams

Favorite app for pleasure? Telegram

How many unread emails do you have? 80

Favorite photo on your camera roll? My dad photos

Last text you sent? 9:12 AM

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