Who are your hotel heroes?

Keeping a hotel running is a major operation. Beyond the top brass are the front and back of the house staff members who work day and night to create memorable experiences.

It’s all too common to get caught up in the comings and goings, while never really analyzing who your true all-star players are and recognizing their commitment to excellence.

These hotel heroes are some of the most valuable resources you’ve got, if you know how to identify them and cultivate exceptional relationships. With the right CRM, it’s easy to always stay abreast with qualitative proof of which key staff members are doing the most to keep guests happy.

Finding the heroes on your staff

Identifying the hotel heroes on your staff who ensure every experience is memorable is so important, and too often overlooked. These hotel staff heroes consistently upsell personalized experiences, are problem solvers who smooth over any issue with a smile and stand out in the memory of every guest they interact with on the phone or in person.

Finding your staff all-stars is one of the many reasons post-stay survey emails are so important. Hotels like the Pacific Crest Hotel Santa Barbara have been able to consistently achieve click-through rates of 15% and gained valuable insights on guest preferences, staff interactions, and much more. Their surveys then prompted guests to leave reviews on TripAdvisor using Cendyn’s CRM dashboard, so staff was alerted when a review was placed. Using data insights, scanning reviews for staff members mentioned by name lets you find out who on your staff is making guests feel the most welcome.

Tracking your hotel heroes

The “always on” nature of hotels often prevents proper reporting of staff performance. It’s amazing how often reporting is locked out of an otherwise thorough, metrics-driven business. This is a fatal flaw when it comes to employees, especially after so much time is invested in defining success for the operation overall. Invest in the time to create employee performance driven reports based on guest feedback captured in CRM. If a guest took the time to give your hotel employee a shout out, that’s huge. With the right queries, it’s relatively easy to create automated reports that reveal who your all-stars are each month, if not week or day. Share them with the team at regular intervals. Transparency and consistency in regard to employee recognition demonstrate your hotel’s commitment to excellence and builds enthusiasm across your teams.

Cultivating and retaining heroes

Once you’ve found your hotel staff heroes, how do you keep them? Hotel staff are the public face of any hotel property, and it takes more than a paycheck to keep them. Little touches can turn good employees into great ones, and great ones into heroes who want to stay. Making sure managers are taking an interest in an employee’s growth and development can help lift up the best of the best, as do regular one-to-one trainings. Having an open-door communication policy and employee surveys that encourage staff to praise their coworkers can make help create a positive work environment where everybody strives to do their best.

Using the power of CRM data to identify your best staff will create experiences that are a cut above the rest. Cendyn can help.

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