Women who Code: Maitee Fernandez on liberation & shattering stereotypes

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It’s Women’s History Month. At Cendyn, we are using this opportunity to showcase the female developers building our technology stacks. Inspirational, candid and unique, their stories showcase strong women who are blazing trails in hospitality tech to build a more inclusive and balanced mainframe. Look for their stories throughout March!

Maitee FernandezName: Maitee Fernandez

Title: Software Developer

What was your digital upbringing like? I grew up in Cuba and there we didn’t have too much access to a digital world, so seeing a computer and everything related to the Internet was really exciting.

What was your first tech job? I started my career as a software developer after I graduated in Cuba.

What drew you to tech? One of the reasons was my father, who is an electrical engineer. Since  I was little, I would get involved with the tech world helping my father with troubleshooting. It was always really exciting.

What technologies are you passionate about? At this moment I am working with .NET framework and I am currently studying about .NET Core, which I find very interesting.

What inspires you at the moment? Seeing how much improvement has taken place in the world in the last few years and I am a part of this.

What are the biggest barriers for women entering the tech industry and what are your ideas to overcome these? Women were always belittled, unappreciated and in the background in the tech industry. Now companies have a different mindset and we need to continue doing our best to keep it like that. So, it is necessary for us to set professional goals, and don’t forget to continuously reassess them, continue to learn new skills and be confident, even when talking to a room full of men. Today’s tech women are strong, smart, and above all, an example for young girls who can one day work in a balanced and fair IT industry.

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