Women who Code: Pesia Stempel on logic & seeking the truth

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It’s Women’s History Month. At Cendyn, we are using this opportunity to showcase the female developers building our technology stacks. Inspirational, candid and unique, their stories showcase strong women who are blazing trails in hospitality tech to build a more inclusive and balanced mainframe. Look for their stories throughout March!

Pesia Stempel_CendynName: Pesia Stempel

Title: Database and Reports Developer

What was your digital upbringing like? I graduated as a Computer Engineer from Simon Bolivar University (USB) in Venezuela.

What was your first tech job? My first job was creating a communications protocol to connect the Guri Dam in Bolívar State, Venezuela with the main office in Caracas, to transmit any fail alerts when the Internet didn’t exist, and communications were via phone line. I did it in C++.

What drew you to tech? I was drawn to tech for three reasons: 1) My mind is 100% logic. 2) I always loved to play with numbers. 3) Computer engineering was the most innovative career and with a huge future.

What technologies are you passionate about? I love the management of data. That’s why I am passionate about a SQL Server to swim in the numbers, SSIS to play with the data and Cognos as a tool for data modeling.

What inspires you at the moment? Finding the truth, speaking the truth and leaving the world a little better than I found it.

What are the biggest barriers for women entering the tech industry and what are your ideas to overcome these? When my sons were born, there was no option to work remote. It was very hard to work and take care of a baby and that is still one of the biggest challenges that young women have to deal with. Fortunately, nowadays many companies are hiring people to work from home.

In some places there is still the false idea that women are less capable than men. That applies not only to the tech industry. Fortunately, that is changing. Each of us, whenever we do an excellent job, is demonstrating how capable women are.

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