Women who Code: Yuqing Yao – Diving into Big Data

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It’s Women’s History Month. At Cendyn, we are using this opportunity to showcase the female developers building our technology stacks. Inspirational, candid and unique, their stories showcase strong women who are blazing trails in hospitality tech to build a more inclusive and balanced mainframe. Look for their stories throughout March! 

Yuqing Yao

Name:  Yuqing Yao 

Title:  Software Developer 

What was your digital upbringing like? I got my first PC when I was 8 and my mother is an engineer. She taught me how to use it for learning and entertainment too.  

What was your first tech job?  Here at Cendyn. 

What drew you to tech?  There are huge demands from almost all industries, including finance, hospitality and different kinds of e-commerce. It made me think tech is an area with great potential, so I chose it as my major when I went to college.  

What technologies are you passionate about? Big data and distributed computing. Since our life is highly dependent on the Internet and tech products, there are large amounts of data we can collect and utilize to make useful products. 

What inspires you at the moment? Contributing to make people’s life simpler and more convenient with technology.  

What are the biggest barriers for women entering the tech industry and what are your ideas to overcome these? Sometimes people hold the bias that men are more logical than women, so men are better candidates in the technology area. I think we should create more opportunities for females to stand out and show our abilities. 

Are you a female coder or looking to get into the mix? Connect with “Women who Code.” 

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