Maximize profit with Cendyn CRS & Booking Engine

Experience the future of hotel reservations and maximize direct bookings

Revolutionize your hotel’s distribution strategy with Cendyn CRS while boosting direct booking conversions and enriching the customer experience on your brand website through the industry-leading Cendyn Booking Engine. The integrated Cendyn Call Center app guarantees guests expert assistance throughout their booking journey, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Robust connectivity through distribution channels

Cendyn CRS offers complete global distribution through hundreds of channels including your website, call center, GDS, OTAs, channel managers, metasearch and more. Additionally, our robust solution includes Google ad integration to target potential guests earlier in the customer journey and drive demand directly to your hotel with the help of time-bound offers and urgency messaging.

Loyalty integration

Cendyn CRS, Booking Engine, and Call Center integrate seamlessly with the hotel’s loyalty program. This integration simplifies call center operations, eliminating the need to switch systems for loyal guest bookings. The integrated booking engine ensures a seamless direct booking experience for loyal customers by letting them avail themselves of all the benefits, such as discounts, extra nights, free services, and much more, associated with their member profiles.

Call center application integrated with AI voice assistant

Cendyn CRS partners with PolyAI for 24/7 AI voice assistance, offering loyalty benefits, automating reservations, and reducing costs. Detailed reporting aids data-driven actions for higher bookings and profits, tracking metrics like conversion rates and talk time.

Integrated eCommerce platform

Cendyn CRS is pioneering, linking the eCommerce platform to unite your hotel website and digital marketing. The powerful Cendyn Booking Engine boosts direct booking revenue for hoteliers with enticing merchandising, exclusive hotel rates, and cross-sell options.