Mar Senses Hotels & Homes - Case Study

MarSenses Hotels & Homes achieves 155% increase in direct bookings and 40% open rate with Cendyn CRM


MarSenses Hotels & Homes aimed to elevate their marketing efforts by creating compelling campaigns and effectively segmenting their audiences. However, their existing CRM lacked the necessary flexibility to achieve these objectives, preventing employees from developing the desired marketing initiatives. This limitation resulted in low platform usage and unfamiliarity with essential tasks, leading to inefficiency.

Marmenses Ferrera Blanca hotel


MarSenses Hotels & Homes adopted Cendyn CRM to streamline campaign creation and intuitively define dynamic customer segments. With Cendyn CRM, even users with minimal design experience could effortlessly create personalized promotions, segment offers, and tailor content.

Key features such as simplified segmentation, on-the-go campaign building and template creation, have allowed MarSenses Hotels & Homes to consistently increase production of targeted campaigns, driving strong results.

As MarSenses Hotels & Homes expanded both their traditional business and exciting new ventures, Cendyn CRM provided the necessary marketing capabilities to scale efficiently and respond swiftly to market changes.

Junior Suite Marsenses puerto pollensa hotel spa


MarSenses Hotels & Homes experienced remarkable outcomes following the adoption of Cendyn CRM:

  • Average open rate of 40%, indicating high engagement rates from prospects and current guests
  • 155% increase in direct bookings, generating 202 direct reservations and €360,000 in revenue.
  • Streamlined marketing initiatives: The simplified template and streamlined campaign creation enhanced marketing tasks and processes, leading to increased platform usage and efficiency. This allowed staff to become more engaged and focus on core, value-adding tasks.
Campaigns sent
40 %
Open rate
155 %
Increase in direct bookings
Campaign revenue

MarSenses Hotels and Homes


MarSenses Hotels & Homes adds a new chapter to its history after more than 40 years of experience in the Balearic hotel sector, operating 6 establishments in Mallorca and Menorca with a dedicated team of professionals, improving and updating the standards of their accommodations, and introducing new vacation lodging options, including villas, houses, and tourist apartments, to cater to different travel styles. MarSenses Hotels & Homes encourages guests to discover the Balearics through activities, places, and events tailored to their interests.

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