Minor Hotels started 6 years ago with 30 hotels. Today Minor Hotels is the 19th largest hotel organization in the world. As an international hotel group, they explore new possibilities in hospitality with a diverse portfolio of properties designed intelligently to appeal to a variety of travelers, serving new passions as well as personal needs. Minor Hotels operates in 26 countries across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe and South America. With dynamic plans to expand their existing brands and explore strategic acquisitions throughout opportunistic markets, Minor Hotels pursues a vision of a more passionate and interconnected world.
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Minor Hotels' success with eInsight CRM

We saw incredible results with Cendyn in just the first four months. We got 50% more subscriptions, higher click-through rates and our campaign revenues doubled to $1.5 million. That was incredible, and really showed us there was potential that had not been tapped before.
- Marcos Cadena
VP of Digital Marketing, Distribution & CRM


Marcos Cadena explains: “I would say that the relationship we want to have with our guests is that we want to treat every single customer in the best possible way by providing the most unique experience for them all. But of course, some of our brands are better equipped for this than others. The Ananatara brand is all about experiences, while most of the others are more about appealing to the modern traveler – and that has a different touch to it. We believe each brand has its own uniqueness and we need to deliver unique treatment to each one of those brands.”


“We turned to Cendyn to help us deliver the right offering for every guest. They were able to help us achieve our key goals:

  • Adapt to the needs of each brand, in each region, knowing that not every brand requires the same thing.
  • Create a single customer view and a single database that consolidated all our data for every brand within the group.

This in turn, provided us with the ability to learn more about each guest and provide the best experience for them.”


One platform to do it all

“While we were out there looking for a CRM, we only found one organization that was able to assist us with all aspects of CRM that we were looking for - operational excellence, business intelligence and marketing. Cendyn was the only one who could provide that for us and piece them altogether to provide one single tool that can make it all happen.”

One single version of truth

“When we started the project with CRM, our team wanted as much integrated into one single customer view as possible - they wanted guest satisfaction surveys, chat systems, central reservation systems and our PMS integrated with Cendyn so we could see a single version of truth for each guest. We now have this with Cendyn, and these integrations have allowed us to be more sophisticated with our decision making and allow us to learn more about our guests.”

The people

“When we first talked with Cendyn, they committed to delivering exactly what we needed, and a lot of organizations do that but don’t always deliver. With Cendyn however, we had the full support from everyone in the team, from the CEO down to the team on the ground working with us every day and driving the project.”


“After just four months using Cendyn, we started seeing incredible results. The open rate for our emails had dramatically increased, we were ahead of the benchmark and the revenue generated from our campaigns had dramatically increased as well. We went from producing $600,000 from some of our campaigns to $1.5 million. The unsubscribe rate went down, and our overall database had almost doubled in size. The results have been just incredible, and we are really happy.”


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