OHM Collection
OHM Collection
Each of the OHM Collection properties delivers a distinctive experience born of its environment and local culture. Although each is unique in character, all share a passion for the values that define their company and its special promise to guests. Since their founding, they have bestowed on each of their properties a one-of-a-kind ambience and style, designed to enhance every aspect of a guest's experience by reflecting the location's culture, history and geography. It is their belief that true world-class status is achieved only when a hotel or resort combines the values and traditions of its host community with exceptional service, a luxury product and incredible attention to detail.
Customer Story

OHM Collection partners with Cendyn to maximize ADR and optimize revenue

Both Revintel and Guestrev give us great data and recommendations.
- Mary Arcuri
Group Director of Reservations & Revenue, OHM Collection


The OHM Collection faced several challenges in searching for a revenue management solution. They needed a solution with comprehensive reporting capabilities, accurate forecasting, and a functional integration with their existing PMS. Additionally, they wanted to reduce the manual work involved in their forecasting process and sought a solution that would efficiently and effectively allow them to maximize revenue across their properties.


Guestrev®, Revintel and Grouprev® offered effective solutions to the OHM Collection’s challenges. Guestrev provided accurate forecasting and minimized manual adjustments, optimizing the Maximum Average Daily Rate (ADR) during high seasons. Revintel offered comprehensive reporting, allowing the collection to gain valuable insights from forecasting, on-the-books reservations, and historical data. Grouprev empowered the sales team to access and utilize relevant data from the PMS, enabling them to provide competitive group rates and attract more group business.

This case study was completed before Cendyn acquired Rainmaker but The OHM Collection can now benefit from the suite of Cendyn products.