Customer success story with Cendyn's eProposal

The team at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai deal with four different avenues for sales; corporate segments, local agents, the international market, and the global sales office. With just two people responsible for responding to these requests, resources are tight, so efficiencies are a must.

With Cendyn’s eProposal, the team has been able to revolutionize how they send out proposals, how quickly they respond, and how they represent the property within each proposal.

“eProposal has become second nature to us! It makes everything so much easier for the team. Everything auto-populates so is extremely fast to send out our proposals – the first electronic interaction is fast and seamless which works well for our customers.” — Ibrahim Bashir, Assistant Director of Sales, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Download the full success story to see how they achieved a streamlined approach.