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Corporate Events Suite

Metron® SMM

Gain control of Strategic Meetings Management
  • Reduce SMM and events cost, complexity and inefficiency
  • Drive collaboration and results across internal and external stakeholders
  • Gain insights with analytics on budget vs. actuals, attendance and ROI
  • Meet your compliance requirements with savvy reporting capabilities
  • Encompasses all event needs: attendee, supplier, registration and facilities
  • Covers event budget, expense management, compliance, risk management and reporting
  • Single sign-on and full integration with internal and third-party apps
  • Ability to create branded, responsive event registration websites
  • Visually research thousands of venues and issue custom RFPs

Metron SMM gives corporate and third-party event planners an enterprise-class solution to plan, streamline and measure every aspect of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM), from budgeting to bookings, procurement and registrations. Search and book across thousands of venues, engage with suppliers and manage events in real time. Metron is available in two editions that support the end-to-end Strategic Meeting Management process:

  • Metron Third-Party Edition: Designed for travel management companies and meeting/event agencies seeking to manage multiple customers on a single technology platform that can integrate with operational systems.
  • Metron Enterprise Edition: Designed for enterprises wanting to gain control of all aspects of meetings – internal and external – while maintaining independence of suppliers and allowing for integration with internal systems.


Centrally manage all your events from a single solution
  • Align internal and external teams
  • Track status and analyze results with robust reporting capabilities
  • Reach a global audience with a multi-currency, multi-language solution
  • Step-by-step meeting creation tools
  • Visually research thousands of venues and issue custom RFPs
  • Dynamic event budget and expense management

Improve the entire planning process with a completely customizable events managements platform. With our intuitive, cloud-based solution, there is no need for a large-scale implementation. The modular functionality enables quick ramp up on a unified platform that enables all parties to collaborate effectively. Includes logistics, registration, attendee management, food and beverage, inventory allocations, supplier sourcing, budgeting, reporting and financial management. 

Venue Sourcing

Accelerate results with an integrated sourcing tool A MetronXpress Solution
  • Search over 115,000 global hotels and venues
  • Transparent pricing – no commissions or marketing fees
  • Sort specifications directed by customer preferences
  • Streamline process from budgeting, sourcing to event operations
  • Accelerate value and results for planners and your venue
  • Comprehensive RFP management, tracking and reporting
  • Configurable templates allow planners to submit an RFP in minutes
  • Integration with Cendyn'd eProposal enables venue RFP reply in minutes
  • Integrates with Cendyn's Metron SMM, Amadeus Delphi and MeetingBroker
  • Direct leads from Fortune 100 companies via Cendyn's Metron SMMs

This integrated sourcing module transform a manual, clunky process into an easy-to-use portal complete with comparison charts, media-rich property proposals, RFP tracking and historical conversions. Promoting a non-lead span business process, hotels respond faster with more complete information because there are no commissions or marketing fees. Plus the leads are high quality and focused on only a handful of recipients. Cendyn's sourcing tool is a win-win for planners and hotels alike.

Ovations Ticketing

Maximize the business impact of corporate tickets
  • Quantify business value from corporate ticketing and sponsorship
  • Centralize the ticket management process
  • Minimize manual communications
  • Satisfy compliance, auditing and tax requirements
  • Automated workflows
  • Highly configurable ticket ordering, distribution and tracking
  • Multidimensional reporting
  • Integrates with Cendyn Metron and MetronXpress

Make the most of your investments in corporate ticketing and sponsorships. Cendyn Ovations supplies a complete solution to efficiently manage, track and analyze your ticketing programs and other entertainment spend — and tie it directly to results in revenue and ROI. Gain breakthrough insights into how tickets are used while drastically reducing unused tickets and underperforming sponsorships.


Streamline event planning and enhance collaboration
  • Optimize your resources to save time and money
  • Reduce event planning time and effort by 30%
  • Enhance collaboration with stakeholders
  • Drive engagement with a single go-to repository
  • Supports documents, imagery, email, texts and private messaging
  • PCI Level 1 compliance for maximum security
  • Real-time notifications of content updates
  • Configurable for branding and multiple languages
  • Unlimited users and events
  • Integrates with Amadeus Delphi and Dropbox

Improve event planning for all stakeholders with our collaborative, mobile-friendly project management tool. Cendyn Getplanning lets multi-party teams share documents, publish information and exchange messages in a secure environment with role-based permissions.
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Simplify event registration
  • Improve efficiency and collaboration for event planners
  • Consolidate information into a single go-to source
  • Increase event success and attendee satisfaction
  • Gain insights with smart reporting and analytics
  • Stylish, intuitive and customizable for every event
  • Role-based permissions to govern user access
  • Robust PCI compliance for security
  • Integrates with Cendyn Metron, MetronXpress, Getplanning

Streamline event registration and coordinate all critical details via a single easy-to-use portal. Aimed at third-party and corporate event planners, Getregistered provides attendees with a mobile-friendly microsite for registration, special requests, real-time updates and FAQs. Event planners get real-time visibility into registrations, attendees and preferences.