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Work Together

Collaboration is the key to any event's success. Getplanning is a communal space for different teams or organizations to work together in a single application.

Simply Effective

As easy to use as it is detailed, Getplanning offers effortless organization and clear communication for every step of the event planning process.

Access Anywhere

Accessible from any PC or Mac, as well as on-the-go from your tablet, iPad, iPhone or other smartphone, Getplanning lets teams work in their own way.


Introducing Getplanning for Management


Building on the remarkable success our clients experience streamlining their event planning process with Getplanning for Events, we’ve expanded and enhanced the platform to support the unique needs of hotel management companies.
As secure as banking and easy to use as email, the application enables organizations to access, distribute and exchange essential documentation and reporting between their hotels and leadership, ownership, executive committee, legal department and other key stakeholders – all in one centralized location. This robust managed system tool even includes organizational processes for pre-opening and/or flag changes.

  • PCI Compliant (Level 1 certification) 
  • 24/7 Cendyn Support 
  • Customizable for budget, forecast and performance reporting 
  • Integration friendly with other hotel systems 
  • Accessible anywhere and mobile friendly 
  • Time and date stamping on all documents 
  • Internationalized for 11 languages 

Power to the planners

Everything At Hand

Everything where it should be and accessible to whoever needs it, instantly. A single workspace allows teams to collaborate, share documents, publish information and discuss the project without worry about their location, equipment or compatibility.



No more misunderstandings, lost emails, or being left out of the loop. Users can communicate with private messages, subscribe to relevant discussions, or add notes and comments to documents, all archived and available at a glance in one place.


Whatever the organization, whatever the team size, work without restriction. The ability to grant access to or add individuals or entire companies ensures that you always have right number of people for the job, each and every step of the way.


Fully customisable access permissions mean that users only see what they need, whether working on a single project or across a whole organization. No more screen clutter, information overkill, unintended sharing of private information.


Powerful encryption and privacy protection means that Getplanning is PCI Compliant at Level 1, the highest level possible, and as secure as online banking. Piece of mind whether you're protecting sensitive data or just keeping a project under wraps.


Suitable for any organization, Getplanning has been used for everything from hotel event management to financial reporting. It can even be themed to include your organization's color palette and logos, or even speak a range of non-English languages.