Best practices for email design

10 steps to master email design at your hotel

We allow our favorite brands into our inbox because of the impression they leave us with their emails. Not keeping up with the latest email design trends can immediately mark your hotel as a brand that doesn’t understand the technology we’re all living with today. Here are ten best-practice tips to ensure your email design is fresh, responsive, and relevant for today’s guests.

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亚太地区 CRM 系统的最佳实践

此报告是携手 Skift 编制而成,深入解读了促进 CRM 发展和提升忠诚度(尤其是亚太地区)的技术和趋势,并覆盖中国与日本重要的经济体,贯穿东南亚的酒店业核心地带,剖析澳大利亚的发达市场。