Boost revenue through a better pre-arrival guest engagement plan

ROOMDEX webinar

Right now, your occupancy is probably still very low. Success is now measured in simple terms, such as “How Much Revenue Can We Generate?” In these COVID times, every dollar counts. Ancillary revenue sources now demand our attention. We now need to think like retailers, where we focus on increasing our customer’s cart value.

Yes, pre-arrival guest engagement is about encouraging guests to enrich their experience. But if you are a hotelier, your short-term goal is to generate additional revenue and your long-term goal is to generate great reviews and return business. Which, of course, will generate more revenue.

For this panel discussion, we are joined by the following hotel technology experts:

  • Michael Bennett, CMO at Cendyn
  • Michael Edinger, Senior Business Development Manager at SiteMinder
  • Warren Dehan, President at Maestro PMS
  • Daan de Bruijn, CCO – Co-Founder at Bookboost
  • Jos Schaap CEO and Co-Founder at ROOMDEX

The lively discussion covers pre-arrival guest engagement topics such as how to maximize ancillary guest revenue through an actionable guest engagement plan. The group also discusses the latest in CRM, the dos and don’ts of guest communications and what the future holds. They talk about what is required, what is recommended, and new technologies that are helping make engagement easier, and in some cases, automated.

The webinar was broadcast on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.


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