8 best practices for CRM in a crisis

Best practices for CRM in a crisis

Your hotel’s database (the encyclopedia of your guest relationships) is your No. 1 asset. It needs to be protected and nurtured, even if your doors are closed.

In times of crisis like the coronavirus global pandemic when things change rapidly day to day and informed, nuanced communication is vital.

Your hotel’s customer relationship management (CRM) serves as a powerful central command station for connecting with guests. As you monitor the situation, adjust operations and plan for recovery, a CRM gives you the ability to target and personalize your outreach (digital marketing, email and social), pivoting when needed with advanced sophistication quickly.

Hotel CRM also helps you gauge customer sentiment trends and gather business intelligence to gauge impact and support re-opening.

As such, here are 8 best practices for using a hotel CRM throughout the crisis lifecycle.


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