Enhance the guest experience by leveraging the power of automated personalization

From advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to the power of personalization, it’s an exciting time in hotel technology. Over the last year the industry has seen a surge of new innovations around automation and personalization, helping hotels do more with less while creating more memorable and satisfying guest experiences. During this on-demand webinar industry experts Mikael Fries, Senior Director of Business Solution at Cendyn, and Friederike Winkowski, Senior Manager at h2c GmbH on Tuesday discuss the bright future of hotel tech, including the results of h2c’s Global Automation Personalization Study. 

What you will learn:

  • The latest insights about new innovations in hotel tech
  • The results of the h2c’s Global Automation Personalization Study 
  • How to leverage technology to create more personalized guest experiences  
  • How the new era of Artificial Intelligence is streamlining hotel operations 
  • ….. and more! 

Enhance the guest experience